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Lets Rid Of | October 2, 2014

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How to get rid of lice in one day

September 7, 2014 |

Lice are wingless bugs that cling to our hair shaft and cause irritation. Their eggs are known as nit,s which once removed from the head are harmless. They cannot survive in any other place but in our heads. They can … Read More

How to get rid of Malware safely

September 5, 2014 |

Malicious software commonly known as Malware is harmful software designed by attackers is programmed to interrupt computer operations or gather private information from individual computer systems disguised as non malicious files.  Malware in the form of a virus gets into … Read More

How to get rid of Malware in Mac

September 5, 2014 |

Malware are harmful programs designed by attackers to retrieve important information from individuals and organizations. These malwares are more common in computers using the Windows Operating System as they are used by the majority. Apple computers till recently were immune … Read More

How to get rid of acne fast and easy at home

September 5, 2014 |

It is important to have a proper diagnosis before treating acne at home.  Interestingly, acne is one of the conditions that could be easily treated at home, depending on the severity at the given time.  Most of the home remedies … Read More